Elsa Jean Valentine Fuck!

Super teen Elsa Jean notices that her stepbrother Van Wylde gets plenty of Valentines Day cards. When she gets none, jealous Elsa takes his cards and tears them apart. Van laughs and grabs the chocolates Elsa didn’t even realize he had. Then he returns to offer his stepsister a taste of his candy on the one condition that she closes her eyes before putting anything in her mouth. What Elsa doesn’t know that her sick brother Van has cut a hole in the bottom of the box. He then slides his dick inside which Elsa finds with her tongue as it touches the head of his cock!

Disgusted at having her brother cock inside her mouth, Elsa calms down after making fun of Van’s small cock. Van convinces Elsa it will grow and has had her first taste of brotherly cock, agrees to additional cock sampling. Once Elsa starts sucking, he proves that his dick is a grower. Elsa then pulls up her miniskirt and yanks her panties aside so he Van can slide his fully grown dick into her pink teen pussy. Elsa loves the way his cock feels buried in her tight teen pussy. Becoming more adventurous, she gets on her hands and knees to take Van’s cock from behind.

Fuck the cards, Elsa decides multiple orgasms are her Valentine’s Day treat. Elsa climbs into Van’s lap with her back to his chest. It becomes clear that reverse cowgirl position suits them both well! Her tiny tits jiggle as she gives Van a ride he won’t soon forget. Elsa reaches down to her pink pussy, focusing on her clit, then explodes in orgasm. Her violent vaginal contractions force Vans cock out for good. Realizing it is up to her, Elsa strokes Van’s cock until he shoots his wad all over her flat tummy. This taboo fuckfest leave little doubt that Elsa Jean is the ultimate Bratty Sis!

Actors: Elsa Jean