No Money For Honey Gina Valentina!

No Money for Honey Gina Valentina

Bratty Sis Blowjob

Gina Valentina is a heavily tatted Latina trouble making stepsister from the word go. She decides to take her stepbrother Tony’s cell, then texts his girlfriend a message that he’s two-timing her bigtime. He decides to get back at Gina by pretending he just won a shit load of money in the lottery. Gina is excited that they’ve won and promptly requests some funds from his winnings.

Gina is desperate for cash and will do anything for some of Tony’s supposed winnings. Being the sick horny mother fucker (or should we say sister fucker?) he asks her for some lap dancing. Gina is confused at first but, eventually, concurs. She even ups the sexual tension by changing into some seductive fuck me attire.

Gina returns in high heels and a skimpy bikini top that hugs her little tits and a sexy thong that barely covers her incredible ass. Turning around, she begins her lap dance with strategic movements of her hips while she slowly strips. As Gina gyrates her hips Tony becomes increasingly aroused. So much so that he asks his own sister for a blowjob!

Gina is taken aback but, ultimately gives up and goes down to her knees where she can deep throat Tony’s large cock. The blowjob swells into a taboo siblings frenzy, as Gina accepts the fact that she is going to actually fuck her stepbrother. Her tight pink teen pussy is already dripping wet as she rolls onto her back and lets Tony shove his prick deep inside her cunt.

Bratty Sis Baby Batter

Gina Valentina

Gina then shows Tony what her tight teen pussy was made for. Fucking! They fuck in various positions until they can hold their cum no longer. Now satisfied, Gina demands a bountiful load of baby batter deep inside her teen twat. As the creampie oozes from Gina’s freshly fucked pink pussy, Tony finally reveals that the lotto win was a prank and Gina Valentina is getting nothing. That is except maybe a Bratty Sis baby nine months down the road!

Actors: Gina Valentina