I Want To Suck It First!

I Want To Suck It First

Bratty Sis Chloe Temple, Winter Bell Threesome

Many of us have been in lockdown recently. I want to suck it first is about two horny stepsisters who need some dick! Bratty Sis Chloe Temple and her adopted sister Winter Bell have also been. They commiserate about how much they miss dick as they do laundry together. Chloe points out that they have a stepbrother, Jay Romero. The girls laugh about it, but now that Chloe has the idea in her head, she decides to take action. She asks Jay how he’s handling the lockdown.

Winter figures out what Chloe is doing. She wants some of the action, so she plops down beside Jay and strongly suggests that he should massage her back as she takes off her shirt. Jay is confused, but he gives Winter what she wants. Chloe isn’t about to let Winter steal her thunder, though, so the next thing Jay knows, Chloe is flashing her teen tits and pointing out that hers are better.

The girls are in a full-on competition now as they each show Jay their asses and tell him to choose which one is better. They escalate further with Winter mocking Chloe’s bush and Chloe pointing out that her pussy is way hotter than Winter’s bare twat. Jay would just like both girls to cut it out, but neither cares what he thinks. They’re much more interested in determining who’s best at getting into Jay’s pants.

When Chloe realizes that Jay has a hardon, she goes for it without caring what Jay or Winter thinks. Winter is right there with Chloe, and the next thing Jay knows, his sisters have both whipped out his cock to start sucking and stroking together. The girls’ stiff competition intensifies until they abandon their double blowjob to try fucking Jay so he can tell them which one is the best at young pussy fucking.

Bratty Sis Snowball

I Want To Suck It First - S14:E11

Chloe Temple gets the first ride on Jay’s fuck stick. Winter hops on to take her brother for a spin when she hops off. The sight of Winter fucking Jay is so hot that Chloe begins to masturbate. That prompts Jay to urge both girls into a double teen pussy stack. Winter gets on top of Chloe to give it to both of them from behind. The girls get on their backs next, laying side by side with their legs spread wide as Jay enjoys both of their dripping honey holes. When he cums, it gives Chloe a teen pink creampie that Winter Bell happily laps up and snowballs with her stepsister.