Stepsister Haley Reed Practices CPR!

Stepsister Haley Reed Practices CPR

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Haley Reed is preparing for her lifeguard certification exam. Among other things Haley needs to be able to prove she is able to handle herself in emergency situations. Left with no other choice, she relies on her stepbrother, Jay Romero, to help her prepare for the upcoming test. It should come as no surprise that Jay is more than willing to assist his hot stepsister to practice her rescue techniques.

Haley then lays Jay down on the bed and begins trying to give him mouth-to-mouth-resuscitation (CPR). Although it is totally wrong, Jay can’t control his horny self. He reaches up and grabs Haley’s teen titties. Haley can’t help but feel the sexual tension between her and her stepbrother Jay. From there, it doesn’t take much to be talked into taking things to the next level sexually!

Jay then pops his stiffy out, and Haley needs very little convincing before she starts giving her brother some dick-to-mouth resuscitation. While still in her swimsuit, Haley gets on her hands and knees and proceeds to shake her butt right in front of Jay’s face. Haley puts on one hell of a show while Jay enjoys his front-row seat with his sister’s tight pink teen pussy within reach.

They keep playing touchy-feeling until Jay gets down to business assisting his stepsister so that she can mount his fuck stick. Haley rocks her hips and groans at the satisfaction her sibling’s huge cock is bringing her. Jay rises to tweak her tender nipples before plotting is next move. Haley’s wet pink pussy juices fill the room with teen spirit as she rolls onto her back. This position allows Jay to lick her barely legal shaved teen pussy clean.

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Bratty Sis Haley Reed

Jay then replaces his tongue with his throbbing cock as Haley Reed asks for more. He then gives Haley what she wants as she rolls onto her hands and knees so he can fuck her dripping pussy from behind Doggystyle. Jay can’t take much before he busts his nut. Stepbrother Jay then pulls out and cums all over Haley’s butt and swollen cunt flaps. This hot mess leaves Haley a sticky treat to run her fingertips through so she can lick her brotherly cum dry!

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