Sexy Scavenger Hunt!

Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Bratty Sis Emma Starletto

Emma Starletto and her stepbrother Nathan Bronson have been fighting about whose turn it is to use the family car since their parents got married. Emma’s hot mom Dava Foxx is sick of it. She tells the bratty kids that she’d almost rather see them fuck than fight. They must find a way to get along, or she’s taking the car away from them both. Stalking away, Dava returns and hands Emma a piece of paper with a Sexy Scavenger Hunt on it. They’ll both be grounded if they haven’t worked together and finished it by the time she gets home. Unknowingly, Mom Plays Match Maker!

Emma and Nathan look at The Naughty List and see some surprisingly sexy stuff. Emma sees bra and panties on Nathan’s list. Without hesitation, she strips and gives him hers. Then she looks at her list and sees a dick pic as one of her must-find items. Nathan obliges, then checks his list and sees that he needs a dildo. Emma disappears into her mom’s room and returns with a stick-on dildo. Moving down the list, Emma says they need Nathan’s boxers. He takes them off, then hides in embarrassment as Emma teases him for his small cock.

Unphased, Nathan swears he’s a grower, not a shower. Sexually intrigued, Emma decides to find out by stroking his shaft. When that doesn’t give her the instant result she expects, Emma starts giving him a teen blowjob. Aroused orally, she says she wants Nathan to fuck her just like her milf mom said they could. Getting on her hands and knees, Emma watches over her shoulder as Nathan shoves his fully erect penis into her white teen pussy.

Bratty Sis Emma Starletto

Sexy Scavenger Hunt - S11:E11

Then she gets on her back and lifts one leg in the air so he can bang her hairy teen pussy as she frantically rubs her clit. Climbing onto Nathan’s lap, Emma Starletto impales herself in reverse cowgirl as her puffy teen tits bounce with every stroke. She wants him to finish her off missionary, so she returns to that position for the money shot. As she achieves orgasm, she urges Nathan to pull out and cum everywhere. Dava then returns as they get Caught By Mom. She can’t help but see her daughter’s naked teen pussy covered with sperm from the sexy scavenger hunt. The sexy MILF freaks out that they took her at her word. Literally!

Actors: Emma Starletto