Mom Plays Match Maker!

Mom Plays Match Maker

Lauren Phillips, Lilly Bell Moms Teach Sex

Lauren Phillips and her sexy stepdaughter Lilly Bell have a helpful new neighbor, Tyler Nixon. Tyler helps Lauren bring in the groceries, prompting Lauren to say he should meet Lilly since they’re around the same age. Lauren goes to get Lilly, who reminds her stepmom that she already has a boyfriend. Lauren is skeptical, but Lilly confides that her boyfriend is an asshole, but she stays with him because he has a nice cock. Intrigued, this Mom Plays Match Maker.

Lauren suggests Lilly check out Tyler’s cock and see if it’s as nice as her boyfriend’s. Lilly agrees that if Tyler’s manhood is comparable to her boyfriend’s, she’ll give him a chance. Leading Tyler into the living room, Lauren eventually convinces him to pull his dick out. Lilly is totally impressed when she sees it. So is Lauren, who can’t help but get on her knees and put it in her mouth.

The redhead milf is happy Taking Turns with Lilly since that was her plan all along. Soon enough, the girls work together to deliver a sloppy double blowjob. Then Lauren hops onto the couch to give Lilly some Sex Tips as she eats her mom out while getting her beautiful teen pussy pounded by Tyler from behind. It turns out that Tyler has a lovely cock, so Lauren must take it for a spin of her own as Lilly straddles Lauren’s tongue.

Sitting Tyler on the couch, Lauren helps Lilly ride his dick. Lilly’s trimmed teenage pussy is nice and wet as she rides him hard and fast. Lauren licks her tender teen nipples as she cums on his cock. Then Lilly gets on her knees to Share With Mommy as Tyler bangs her doggy-style until he pops all over her amazing ass.

Lauren Phillips, Lilly Bell Moms Teach Sex

Mom Plays Match Maker - S14:E8

Since Tyler is still hard, Lauren Phillips takes another spin. Burying Tyler’s face between her big milf tits, she slides up and down on his pleasure pole. He has another climax ready to go when he pulls out to drop his load on Lauren’s ample asset. Cum-drained, Lilly is done with her asshole boyfriend. Especially since Tyler can provide two orgasms for the price of one. Moms The Boss, but her daughter decides to give their new neighbor a chance after all.