Sis Loves A Man In Uniform!

Sis Loves A Man In Uniform

Bratty Sis Kyler Quinn

Kyler Quinn is looking fine as fuck in her Step Sisters Thong Bikini. Her stepbrother, Codey Steele, can’t keep his eyes off her. Too bad for Codey that his Sis Loves A Man In Uniform. No civilian cock for her! She belittles her stepbrother while giving him hints that she might think more of him if he was a real man. Codey then goes ahead and enlists for military service. A year later, he returns home fresh from boot camp. Kyler approaches him wearing the same patriotic bikini but with a different motive. The Aggressive Stepsister Wants Sex!

She asks Codey if he remembers why he joined up, but he tells her he’s a changed man. In a role reversal, Kyler suddenly finds herself as the aggressor in her relationship with her stepbrother. Kyler is eventually rewarded for persistence when she realizes that her striptease has given Codey a boner. Popping it out despite Codey’s initial protests, Kyler begins by giving him a two-lip salute. Her sucking and stroking brings her stepbrothers dick to full attention.

Once he has experienced Kyler’s lips wrapped around his military dick, Codey is willing enough to give her what she wants. Soon enough, he is buried balls-deep inside his stepsister’s tight teen pussy. Just as he dreamed of a year ago. Now that Kyler knows how good Codey fucks like a man, she’s hooked. She pushes him down onto the bed and climbs aboard to ride him. Then Kyler gets on her back and spreads her teen pussy lips to invite Codey back inside.

Bratty Sis Kyler Quinn

Sis Loves A Man In Uniform - S14:E2

With Kyler’s moans of delight and her pulsing teenage pussy guiding the way, Codey finds himself on the brink. Then he pulls out and blasts his stepsister with a military cum missile that has been a year in the making. For more of skinny teen Kyler Quinn, check her out on Tight Pink Teens videos Altercation Fornication With My Stepsis and Stepsisters Secret Fetish.

Actors: Kyler Quinn