Sharing A Bed With Stepsister Avery Cristy!

Sharing A Bed With Stepsister Avery Cristy


Avery Cristy can’t wait to see her stepbrother’s new place. Tony has his own digs and lives the bachelor lifestyle. When stepsister Avery sees it for the first time, she makes it clear that she intends to stay with him. Having Avery in his brand-new home without parents around is a little more than uncomfortable for Tony. However, it’s about to get to a whole new level of bizarre, if not taboo!

The plan is for Avery to crash on his couch. That doesn’t last long as she cannot get comfortable to sleep. Avery knocks on Tony’s door in the early morning hours and then demands that he share his bed with her. Wearing only a simple white tee shirt and red shorts that hug her tight ass, she slips into bed with her brother. The sight o this couple both Tony’s early morning wood is too much for him to handle.

Avery soon realizes that Tony has a hardon which he quickly dismisses as a normal event each morning. Surprisingly, Avery offers Tony some immediate relief via a sisterly handjob so he can bust a nut. She wraps her hand around his thick shaft and starts to stroke it. When Tony does not resist or make her quit, Avery leans in to begin sucking him off.

Avery’s wet and wild blowjob is all the inspiration Tony requires to take things even further sexually. Avery then removes her tee-shirt and drops on her hands and knees to shake her ass. This open invitation to her tight pink teen pussy is all that Tony needs to push his cock in balls deep doggy style. After taking pleasure in getting her tight pink pussy battered from behind, Avery rolls onto her back. Now she can enjoy fucking in the missionary position.

Step Siblings Caught Mouthful of Cum



Avery Cristy blowjob cum

Things really heat up once Avery Cristy pushes Tony onto his bed and hops on his dick, riding him like a bucking bronco! Tony soon gets a front row POV reverse cowgirl, before Avery hops off and decides to finish him coffin her mouth. Avery’s oral abilities prove to be just what Tony needs as he fills his sister’s mouth with some brotherly warm cum to enjoy. Ass the jizz dribbles from Avery’s lips, Tony decides that having his stepsister around isn’t such a raw deal.

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