Seduced By My Stepmom!

Seduced By My Stepmom

Nina Elle, Alexa Grace Moms Teach Sex

Rion King lies in bed chatting on the phone with a friend. Stepmom Nina Elle comes into his bedroom to try on some clothes. Her beautifully enhanced body is easily visible in the mirror. Especially as she jumps up and down to get her dress over her big butt and big tits. Soon Rion is rock-hard and desperate to masturbate. Fortunately, Nina is happy to help her stepson in whatever way he needs. Rion will soon tell his friends he’s been Seduced By My Stepmom!

That’s how Alexa Grace, Rion’s girlfriend, finds them when she arrives for her date with Rion. Soon enough, Nina has calmed any objections that Alexa may have had and has gotten the blonde coed naked so that Nina can give her a lesson in licking and sucking cock. Next, Rion learns how to eat out his girlfriend’s teenage pussy. Now that Rion and Alexa have passed their introductory courses for making love, what’s next? Nina wants to give them an advanced sex lesson.

She starts by guiding Rion as he fills and fucks Alexa’s tight teen pussy. Once the two are situated, Nina enjoys a brief pussy pounding of her own before planting her moms hot pie on Alexa’s face so that the younger girl can eat her out while simultaneously getting fucked. Now that the lessons are finished, the trio can enjoy a family threesome with no holds barred.

Alexa Grace, Nina Elle Moms Teach Sex

Seduced By My Stepmom - S4:E10

Nina Elle is determined to ensure that she and Alexa cum as often as possible, but once they’ve both enjoyed their pleasure, she isn’t afraid to help Rion bust a nut. She guides Alexa to ride Rion’s dick up until the last moment. When he’s about to blow his load, Nina grabs his cock and aims so that he blasts his cum all over Alexa’s freshly fucked young pussy. Once he’s done, Alexa Grace takes advantage of his lingering length to bring herself off one last time so she can enjoy her final orgasm while covered in Rion’s brotherly love juice.