How To Stuff Your Step Sister And Her Friend!

How To Stuff Your Step Sister And Her Friend

Jessie Saint, Katie Kush Step Siblings Caught

It’s Thanksgiving time, and Katie Kush and her stepbrother Seth Gamble are ready to celebrate with their parents, Andres Mclovin and Serene Siren. Katie has even invited her friend, Jessie Saint, for dinner. The girls are dressed in their holiday costumes for school. Serene asks Seth to put on his costume. He refuses, so Serene tells him to stuff the turkey instead. Seth claims he doesn’t know how, so Serene kicks all three kids out of the kitchen and tells them to come back in an hour with the knowledge of what to do. She knows How To Stuff Your Step Sister And Her Friend!

Relocating to the bedroom, Seth pulls up online videos while Jessie offers to show him how to do it. Seth is a jerk, so the girls make a plan to fuck with him. Undressing Jessie, Katie lays her out on the bed so that she’s friendly, naked, and ready for Seth to stuff her. Jessie tells Seth that first, he needs to take the giblets out. He can practice by finger fucking her. The girls tell Seth that next, he needs something to stuff in. They point out that Seth’s dick is already hard, so he can use that.

It takes a second to convince Seth that this is the right call, but Katie helps Seth whip it out and shove it into Jessie’s young pussy. At first, Katie was only trying to get her BFF laid. As Seth keeps pounding Jessie right, Katie decides she wants some of that cock for herself. Getting on her knees on the bed, Katie moans in delight as Seth stuffs her tight teen pussy, too. Leaning forward, she licks Jessie’s pink porn pussy, ensuring it is her best Thanksgiving ever!

Jessie Saint, Katie Kush Step Siblings Caught

How To Stuff Your Step Sister And Her Friend - S15:E5

Next, Seth lays on the bed so Jessie can climb on top and ride his dick in reverse cowgirl. When she takes Jessie’s place and rides Seth, stepsister Katie gets another shot at the dick. Her position lets her lean forward again to eat her friend’s teenage pussy as her hips set an orgasmic rhythm. Finally satisfied, the girls work together to blow Seth until he bastes them with a cumshot so they can enjoy their creamy dessert together!