Put Some Panties on Melissa Moore!

Put Some Panties on Melissa Moore


Melissa Moore is one naughty teen as she prepares to head to school commando style. Yes, Melissa wants the entire student body to witness her pink teen pussy up close and personal! Unfortunately, her plans are derailed as stepfather Johnny Castle catches her bare ass naked before she can leave as planned. Immediately, he sends her upstairs to get dressed. However, Melissa decides to masturbate her wet teen pussy instead.

She diddles her clit to perfection and is nearing orgasm when Johnny catches her mid-masturbation! He is pissed that she disobeyed him and bends her over his knee for a well-deserved spanking. Some might find this as punishment but Melissa Moore gets wetter and hotter than ever. Johnny notices his stepdaughter is liking this attention more than she should. He can’t stop the urge to drive a finger deep into her tight little twat.

Continuing to spank as finger away, Johnny focuses on reprimanding his dirty girl until he can’t stand it any longer himself. Johnny discovers his own arousal and feels then need to have Melissa’s mouth wrapped around his stiffie. She goes down to her knees gladly while her stepdad face fucks her mouth. Melissa is no stranger to blowjobs as she strokes and sucks to perfection.

While Johnny is appreciative of her oral skills, he wants something deeper and warmer. This prompts Melissa to her hands and knees, as she takes Johnny’s rod deep into her greedy pink pussy. Melissa moans upon entry as Johnny goes balls deep doggy style! Once they begin fucking, Melissa and Johnny will not stop until they’re both satisfied. Melissa takes a round of pussy pounding on her back, missionary style.

Melissa Moore Cumshot Finale

Melissa Moore

The room is fully engulfed with the smell of sex as Melissa climbs aboard stepdaddy’s fuck stick, using his manhood just like she owns it. The taboo twosome builds to a climactic crescendo until sexual pleasure eats them up. Falling onto her side once again, Melissa places her beautiful lips on Johnys freshly fucks dick, sucking him off until he blows a load of cum across her natural titties. Thanks, Nubiles-PORN for sharing Melissa Moore with the Tight Pink Teens™ team!

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