Winter Jade Wants To Be On Top!

Winter Jade Wants To Be On Top

Bratty Sis Winter Jade

Winter Jade and stepbrother Justin Hunt are staying with family members. It’s a humble abode, so they have to share a bedroom with bunk beds. Winter demands the top bunk, but Justin wants it as well. Winter knows exactly how to lay claim to her bunk and proceeds to peel off all her clothes. She then does the unthinkable by plunking herself on the top bunk and masturbating her tight pink teen pussy. She rubs her pink pussy all over the sheet and even the ladder.

When Winter looks down in victory, she discovers Justin has developed a boner from all her actions. Justin totally denies and blams it simply on the size of his cock. Winter knows otherwise and calls him out! Already naked Winter chooses to take things further with her stepbrother’s non-boner. She states that if Justin’s dick is simply big but not hard it will not slip in her teen pussy if she sits on it.

Winter climbs off the bunk and shoves Justin down on the bed. She then sits on his hard cock and it slips in with ease proving Justin has a boner. Winter isn’t about to allow her brother’s throbbing cock to go to waste and decides to fuck him silly. She then mounts him reverse cowgirl, making use of the bunk bed for leverage. Winter then rolls onto her back so Justin can pound her dripping wet teen pussy into oblivion.

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Stepsister Winter Jade fucking stepbrother Justin Hunt

Stepsister Winter gets on her hands and knees on the bed as Justin enters her from behind. His lengthy, deep strokes quickly have Winter groaning in anticipation of another orgasm. She’s so pleased that she wants Justin to cum as well! Jumping off his dick, Winter drops to her knees and begins deep-throating Justin. Her oral skills cannot be denied and he cannot take it one more minute. Mutually satisfied he busts his nut giving Winter a frosty facial.

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