Guess What I Put In Your Mouth?

Guess What I Put In Your Mouth

Coco Lovelock Step Siblings Caught

It’s time for social media’s newest Guess What I Put In Your Mouth challenge. Fun-sized Coco Lovelock wants to be one of the first to try it out. She enlists her stepbrother, Jay Romero, to help her out. Coco tells Jay that she’s going to put on a blindfold, and he’s going to put various things in her mouth to taste. She stresses that she will try anything hot girls put in their mouths. As Coco kneels with her mouth open, Jay does just what she has asked.

Eventually, Jay gets the bright idea to whip out his stiff cock and make himself cum into Coco’s mouth to see what she’ll do. It turns out slutty step sis Coco loves the taste of sperm and can’t get enough of it! Jay can’t believe how much Coco loves to lick and suck the cum off his dick. When Coco tells Jay that this has been her fantasy for a long time and that she wants to fuck him now, he is surprised.

He warns Coco that he doesn’t know if he can cum again. However, he will at least try to get her off. Subsequently, he’s quick to peel Coco out of her clothes and lays on top of him for a hot 69. When Coco disengages from their tongue-fest, she gets down to suck Jay’s cock a little more. Then she pushes him onto the bed and climbs aboard to ride his fuck stick in reverse cowgirl. Jay wants Coco on her knees, and his horny step sis is pleased to oblige.

Coco Lovelock Step Siblings Caught

Guess What I Put In Your Mouth - S16:E9

Coco rolls over and arranges her flexible body with her ankles locked behind her head. Jay then plunges deep inside her tight teen pussy and pounds away until he has brought her off. Seeing his hot step sister like that is such a turn that Jay can’t help but pop a second time, delivering a nice big load all over Coco’s shaved teenage pussy. Guess what I put in your mouth fuck your stepbrother challenge is the Tight Pink Teens team’s idea of going oral.  Oops, we mean viral! 😉

Actors: Coco Lovelock