My Psycho Step Sister!

My Psycho Step Sister

My Psycho Step Sister - S12:E5

Nathan Bronson made a big mistake by making out with his psycho step sister, Rosalyn Sphinx. It may have been fun at the moment, but Rosalyn is now obsessed with Nathan and wants more than he’s willing to give. He finds a pair of Rosalyn’s panties on his pillow and realizes that they’re damp. He can extrapolate the moisture from Rosalyn’s pussy juices as she masturbated herself to climax before placing her thong on his pillow.

Later that week, Rosalyn sneaks into Nathan’s room and puts on one of his t-shirts. Wearing the shirt and nothing else, Rosalyn confronts Nathan to let him know that she knows he’s been hanging out with guys who are known for going after slutty chicks. Rosalyn tells Nathan that she can’t stand the thought of him with another girl. A few days later, she approaches Nathan while he’s in his bed doing homework.

She wants to take a nap in his bed. Before he can protest, she crawls in next to him. Faking sleep, she accidentally-on-purpose rolls over so that her hand lands on Nathan’s dick. Now Rosalyn has Nathan where she wants him. And he doesn’t get a chance to say no. She strokes his cock to hardness and then pops it out of his pants so she can suck him off.

Step Siblings Caught Cum Shot

Rosalyn Sphinx Step Siblings Caught

Rosalyn’s deep throat blowjob leaves Nathan at a loss for words and confused enough that she has a chance to slip out of her panties and slide down on his dock. Her stiffie ride goes from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl as she convinces Nathan she has the right idea. Then Rosalyn gets on her hands and knees so Nathan can bang her tight teen pussy doggy-style. Rosalyn rubs her clit on her back and pinches her hard nipples as Nathan gives it to her. He pulls out at the last minute. Covering psycho step sister Rosalyn’s young pussy with the cum shot she’s been craving.

Actors: Rosalyn Sphinx