I Love My Step Brothers Dick!

I Love My Step Brothers Dick

Mackenzie Mace Step Siblings Caught

I Love My Step Brothers Dick stars Mackenzie Mace, who is into girls, not cock. Mackenzie’s stepbrother Johnny and she have a super chill relationship since she’s totally into girls. She decides to do a fashion show to get his opinion about whether various outfits convey that she likes pussy. She takes notes of Johnny’s feedback as she comes into his room, again and again. Wearing a different outfit each time. Johnny’s comments get increasingly sexual as Mackenzie tries to explain that she’s trying to figure out how her different outfits affect her relationships.

To demonstrate how his stepsister’s fashion show is affecting him. Johnny whips his hard-on out. Although she’s never wanted dick before, Mackenzie has to admit that now that she has the opportunity to be up close and personal with one, she’s curious. Johnny is game to let Mackenzie explore. She asks permission to touch him and explore his balls. As she continues with her experimentation, she offers to let Johnny touch her teen tits.

By the time she offers to have a live man touch, lick, and finger her tight teen pussy, Mackenzie’s notes have devolved into how much she loves her stepbrother’s dick. Since Johnny is already face-first in her young pussy, Mackenzie asks him to stick it in. Why would he say no to such a lovely invitation? Johnny has Mackenzie get up on her hands and knees for their first time together. At first, she just wants to see how it feels, but soon enough, she’s really into it!

Mackenzie Mace Step Siblings Caught

I Love My Step Brothers Dick - S18:E5

Mackenzie rocks back to meet Johnny’s strokes as he shows her that dick can be just as good as any teenage pussy a girl can give her. After doing step bro for a while, she tries a few other positions, climbing onto Johnny’s fuck stick to ride him in both reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Johnny finishes Mackenzie by giving it to her as they spoon together and then taking her as she lays on her back and guides him with her moans. Pulling out at the very last second, Johnny moves up to Mackenzie’s mouth so he can deliver her first facial. It turns out sister Mackenzie likes guys just as well as girls.

Actors: Mackenzie Mace