Stepsister Gets What She Wants!

Stepsister Gets What She Wants

Gizelle Blanco Step Siblings Caught

Gizelle Blanco is trying to do her homework when her stepbrother, Tony, barges in and demands that she help him find his phone charger. Eventually, Tony notices how distressed Gizelle is. He asks what’s wrong, and Gizelle complains about how hard the paper she has due tomorrow is. Tony admits that Its All In The Details. He did the same paper last year, and Gizelle begs him to help her. He tries to say no, but this Stepsister Gets What She Wants! Gizelle is prepared to do anything. She asks Tony what he wants, and he claims that he doesn’t want anything.

Calling Tony back, Gizelle offers to set him up with her sluttiest friend. Surprisingly, he says no. More determined than ever, Gizelle continues asking if he’d write her paper if she sucked his cock. Tony calls Gizelle’s bluff, and she wastes no time proving she’s serious. Peeling her top off, she puts her pierced titties on display. With those sexy lips and that curvaceous figure, Tony can no longer say no. He’s been wanting to fuck Gizelle since their parents got married. If this stepsister gets what she wants, he’s gonna get what he wants, too!

Tony’s Stepsister Gets Her Way, as he agrees to do the paper. Gizelle thanks him by getting on her knees, pulling his dark dick out, and putting it in her mouth. Those hot lips wrapped around Tony’s cock and balls get him ready for more. When Gizelle comes up for air, Tony asks if he can finally fuck her. The horny coed says yes! Removing her shorts and thong, Gizelle rolls back onto the bed. Now Tony can admire that creamy teenage pussy. Then she gets on her hands and knees so he can fuck her for the first time.

Gizelle Blanco Step Siblings Caught

Stepsister Gets What She Wants - S18:E6

Shoving himself balls deep, he gives it to Gizelle as hard as she can want, complete with spankings. Gizelle loves every moment of it. Especially when she returns to her back and begs Tony to get back inside her thick teen pussy. Tony lets Gizelle finish herself off as he gets on his back, frantically rubbing her clit. Then his curvy stepsis rides him like her own personal pleasure pony until she climaxes. Gizelle isn’t about to leave Tony with blue balls, so she sucks him hard until he nuts in her mouth. As she swallows the big load, there’s no question this stepsister gets what she wants. Tony will write Gizelle’s papers for her anytime!

Actors: Gizelle Blanco / Tony