My Stepsister Is Bananas!

My Stepsister Is Bananas

Bratty Sis Scarlet Skies

My Stepsister Is Bananas, but Scarlet Skies takes it literally and sexually! Fondling a banana gives the fair-skinned, redheaded teen an idea. Her stepbrother, Alex Mack, comes to ask what’s going on. She stares at his crotch, then tells him that she was thinking about where guys’ dicks go when they’re wearing pants. Using the banana, Scarlet tests out a variety of dick poses until Alex tells her to cut it out. Later, Scarlet tells Alex that they’re supposed to be a stepfamily and that they need to Fuck And Make Up as he was rude earlier.

He can start by telling her the proper cock placement while guys wear their pants. Alex reluctantly describes dick positioning as Scarlet gets increasingly handsy. Alex tells her to quit groping his cock, but now that Scarlet is Distracted By Dick, she’s not about to stop without answering further questions. She pushes him onto his back and immediately crawls on top of him. Alex can’t help but think my stepsister is bananas as she then goes to work peeling off his jeans and popping out his throbbing cock.

Firmly grabbing the shaft, Scarlet strokes his boner to rock hardness and then opens wide to swallow Alex’s dick between her sexy lips. Watching his Sneaky Stepsister sucking him off despite his initial objections opens the door for more. Especially when it’s obvious Scarlet wants to go all the way. Kneeling over her stepbro, Scarlet pulls down her tight shorts to unveil her hot bubble butt. Now that her ginger teen pussy is there for the taking, he doesn’t object as she slides down to ride him in cowgirl!

Bratty Sis Scarlet Skies

My Stepsister Is Bananas - S24:E3

Watching his dick disappear into that redheaded teen pussy is the perfect taboo scenario for Alex, and those perky little titties make it even hotter. Next, Scarlet moves on her back so Alex can split her teen pussy lips again and pound that teenage pussy to orgasm. Then she takes it from behind doggy-style as Alex palms her ass, ready to cum. Pulling out quickly, he drops his load on Scarlet’s butt freckles. While tasting Alex’s cum, Scarlet wonders out loud about Alex’s dad’s dick. Sorry, not Sorry Dad. My stepsister is bananas, and you’re next!

Actors: Scarlet Skies