Sneaky Stepsister!

Sneaky Stepsister

Bratty Sis Jessie Saint

Recently, MILF Jessica Ryan has gotten remarried. Her daughter, Bratty Sis Jessie Saint has moved as well with her new stepdad and stepson. Jessie is instantly hot for her stepbrother, Rion King. However, she realizes her mom won’t approve. Horny Jessie decides to become a sneaky stepsister to get what she wants. First, she waits until Rion is brushing his teeth. Then joins him in the close confines of the bathroom.

Rubbing her front against Rion’s back is just the start as Jessie sneaks between Rion and the sink to massage her butt against his cock. Just as Rion pops a woody, Jessica sticks her head into the bathroom. Jessica only sees that the new step siblings caught are getting along but remains oblivious to the sexual tension in the room. Later, Jessie joins Rion on the couch.

She takes a second to assess the situation and then starts crawling all over Rion while claiming that she’s looking for an earring. Rion tries to deescalate the situation by telling Jessie he can see her panties, but Jessie calmly replies that her panties are wet because her pussy is soaked for Rion. Jessie has just gotten Rion to slip it in when her mom comes in to see what they’re up to.

She thinks fast, grabbing a hairbrush and claiming that Rion would brush her hair to explain her position in his lap. Jessica is again impressed at how well the stepsiblings are getting along. She tells them she’s heading to the store and being good while she’s gone. Now that Jessica is out of the way, Jessie can enjoy the fuck she’s been gunning for. She bounces away on Rion’s cock, then turns around so she can shove her tits in her face as she continues her ride.

Bratty Sis Jessie Saint

Sneaky Stepsister - S18:E12

Rolling onto her back, Jessie Saint spreads herself out nice and wide so Rion can reenter her. The cradle of Jessie’s thighs is wide enough that Rion can even knead her breasts as he fucks her. Jessie gets her last kicks on her hands and knees. She then rocks back to meet every one of Rion’s thrusts as he drives into her in doggy style. After reaching orgasm, she decides to finish Rion off with a blowjob and a handjob. Her sneaky stepsister oral skills ultimately get him to pop on her face for a sticky facial.

Actors: Jessie Saint