My Obedient Stepsister Daphne Dare!

My Obedient Stepsister Daphne Dare

Daphne Dare Step Siblings Caught

Daphne Dare has lost a bet with her horny stepbrother Jason. Consequently, she has to walk around their house totally nude. Jason sits back and enjoys the show, particularly because Daphne allows him to grope her small tits and shapely ass. Daphne overlooks Jason’s sexual advance, yet Jason does not care. He whips his cock and starts jacking himself off,  as he slaps her ass with his throbbing cock.

Eventually, Jason gets frustrated that his own sister has blown him off and decides to leave her alone. Later on, Daphne has put her clothes back on and is trying to do her homework. Jason then renews his full-court press to get his stepsis to notice him sexually. He lifts her miniskirt and slaps her panty-clad ass. Then he pulls her panties down and tells Daphne exactly what he has planned for her tight pink teen pussy.

Surprisingly, Daphne tells him to do what he needs to do but she must finish her schoolwork. Jason doesn’t care as he sticks his hard cock in from behind and bangs her until he delivers his stepsister a juicy creampie deep inside her teen pussy. Given that he has finally deflowered Daphne’s barely legal pink pussy, he has his eyes and his dick on round two of taboo step sibling sex!

Jason still isn’t finished with his stepsis, so he waits until she’s preparing herself to shower. Then he perves on her as she pees in the toilet. Daphne will have nothing of it at this time, as Jason promises to go away and eat her pussy later if she allows him to fuck her again! Later, cock loving stepsister Daphne meets Jason in her bedroom so that he can fulfill his promise of making her cum this time around.

Step Sibling Cums Twice

My Obedient Step Sister - S10:E7

Daphne Dare then climbs aboard Jason’s cock and rides herself to a dripping wet orgasm. Not finished, she rolls onto her back so Jason can do all the work necessary to make her cum for the second time. With his stepsister’s orgasmic blessing, Jason fills her full of a second creampie. Afterward, he enjoys watching his hot jizz gradually trickle out of her freshly fucked pink teen pussy. For more of Daphne, check out Princess Cum and My Family Pies!

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