Shopping For Sex!

Shopping For Sex

Kacie Castle Step Siblings Caught

Kacie Castle is super into her Black Friday XXX Shopping For Sex. Her stepbrother, Logan Long, decides it’s his opportunity to take advantage. Kacie loves dressing in skimpy clothes. Including wandering around the house in tight bootie shorts with no panties and short, tight tops. When Logan sees fat pussy camel toe, he can’t help but slide his hand between her thighs to caress her Latina teen pussy.

Pulling Kacie’s shorts off entirely, he slides a finger up and down her bare slit and finds her nice and wet. Next, Logan moves to grope Kacie’s ass and spreads her cheeks. Surprisingly, his shopping for sex stepsister doesn’t exactly tell him to cut it out. When he slides a finger into her smooth teen pussy, Kacie feigns indifference. Nevertheless, the wet teen pussy juices that allow Logan’s finger to slide in make it clear that she’s digging it.

When he pulls out his dick and pulls Kacie to the edge of the bed so he can push deep inside her and bang her from behind, undeterred, Kacie keeps pretending to shop. By the time Logan rolls his caring stepsister onto her side so he can change the angle of penetration for both of their pleasure, Kacie has a hard time pretending that she doesn’t have a fucking clue. She knows exactly what he’s doing.

Kacie Castle Step Siblings Caught

Shopping For Sex - S8:E9

Kacie loves how her stepbro plays with her teen titties and tweaks her nipples as he fucks her to a shopping for sex climax. She keeps her eyes glued to the laptop to keep up her fantasy of indifference. However, Logan doesn’t pull out but instead nuts Kacie with a creampie of cum, leaving her horrified about getting pregnant. For more Kacie Castle internal cumshots, head over to My Family Pies and Princess Cum. Her big brown eyes will melt your heart, and her browneye will make you explode at Evil Angel!

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