Stepsisters Valentines Day Free Use Gift!

Stepsisters Valentines Day Free Use Gift

Madison Summers, Tristan Summers Princess Cum

Tristan Summers and her friend Madison Summers are chilling in Tristan’s room and enjoying themselves, reading all the Valentine’s cards they’ve each received. When Kyle Mason, Tristan’s stepbrother, comes in to give both girls his own Valentine’s gifts, Madison is just floored. She wishes she had a brother that would be that nice to her. Tristan has been noticing how much Kyle dotes on her, and she has come up with an idea that she thinks Madison might like. Working together, the girls make up a “Free Use” coupon. Madison proudly gives it to Kyle as a Stepsisters Valentines Day Free Use Gift.

She tells Kyle he has to cash it in within the week, though. Kyle hangs on to his stepsisters Valentines Day free use Gift card for a few days, then waits until Madison is over hanging out with Tristan again. When Kyle approaches Tristan with the card, the girls are just making popcorn to watch a movie. Tristan is happy to comply as this is much better than making a Step Sisters Valentines Cookie batch. Kyle begins by asking if he can get his hands on Tristan’s big tits as Madison eats some popcorn and enjoy the show. Kyle gets the go-ahead to proceed southward, tugging his stepsister’s panties aside so he can touch her bald teen pussy.

When Kyle whips his girthy cock out to fuck Tristan, she makes him wait. It’s time to move to the couch so Madison can partake. How could Kyle say no to that? At first, Tristan keeps Kyle all to herself as she licks his dick like a lollipop. Eventually, though, she beckons for Madison to join her. The girls share a double teen blowjob before Tristan climbs aboard for a stiff ride. Madison then begins with solo masturbation. While Kyle cashes in his stepsisters Valentines Day Free Use Gift, she watches and finger fucks herself.

Tristan Summers, Madison Summers Princess Cum

Stepsisters Valentines Day Free Use Gift - S7:E1

The girls swap spots, with Madison going for it in reverse cowgirl as Tristan frantically rubs her wet teen pussy lips. Getting on her knees, Madison creams with delight as Kyle pounds her in the doggy. She eventually muffles her pleasure moans by tonguing her busty BFFs dripping teenage pussy. Already on her back, Tristan slides forward so that Madison can cradle her as Kyle fucks her missionary before nutting her deep with a Step Sibling Valentines Day Club creampie. The Tight Pink Teens team hopes all our fans receive a Stepsisters Valentines Day Free Use Gift card this year!