Two Fore One!

Two Fore One

Bratty Sis Whitney Wright, Alex Blake

Alex Blake and Whitney Wright are at their friend Kiara Cole’s house, getting ready to go watch the Two Fore One golf tournament. The girls go to Kiara’s bedroom to change, where Whitney and Alex go about flashing their tits and ass as they dress in slutty miniskirts. Kiara is not impressed, commenting on her friends’ outfits being totally inappropriate for the golf course. As they all continue to get ready, Kiara’s horny brother Alex Legend pervs on them from the doorway.

Kiara eventually notices her brother, who wants to know if they are ready to go. She lets Alex know there’s no way he’s hanging out with them. Frustrated that her friends invite him to go, she excuses herself to go to the bathroom to get dressed. Now that Kiara’s gone, Whitney and Alex decide to take advantage of Kiara’s hot brother. So they begin lesbian kissing and flashing their teen tits at him.

Whitney takes things to the next level by dropping to her knees and deep-throating Alex’s big cock. Female Alex soon joins her to make it a double teen blowjob. Hopping onto the bed on her hands and knees, Whitney pulls her panties aside so Kiara’s brother can fuck teenage pussy her while Alex watches and masturbates. When Kiara returns and finds her brother fucking her friends, she loses her shit.

To make things worse, Alex and Whitney say they like her brother better than her! Kiara storms off as female Alex gets her turn on the dick. Selfishly, this allows her to enjoy some cock while she simultaneously licks Whitney’s freshly fucked hairy teen pussy. The trio change positions several times, highlighted by reverse cowgirl, where Alex showcases her heart-shaped manicured young pussy.

Bratty Sis Alex Blake, Whitney Wright

Two Fore One - S9:E3

After Alex Blake and Whitney Wright each have had their fill of Alex’s big dick, they tag team orally to finish him. Alex shoots his cum straight down the middle of the facial fairway as the teen girls savor the flavor. Quickly, they all decide to skip the open. It’s more fun to stay in and fuck rather than go to the golf course any day. Odds are, next time, this Step Bro Gets A Hole In One!