Carolina Sweets is the Real Thing!

Carolina Sweets is the Real Thing

Bratty Sis

Carolina Sweets obtained a loan from one of her friends to acquire a brand new dildo. After receiving the fake cock, Carolina soon realizes she doesn’t have money to back the debt. She then gets on the phone discussing with her BFF why she cannot pay the cash back. In the meantime, Carolina’s stepbrother Brad Sterling overhears the discussion. He quits what he’s doing and whips out his cock to stroke it off as his stepsister continues to buy herself some time to repay the new dildo.

Carolina informs her BFF they can have fun with the vibrator when they have a weekend break slumber party. With that said, Carolina plans on giving it a test fucking run now! As he’s jerking off, Brad decides it would be a great time to take photos of Carolina in action. Next, she plants the dildo firmly on the mirror. She then backs her tight pink teen pussy onto the shaft and starts going to town on it. When Carolina notices her stepbrother’s perverted actions, she is totally disgusted!

Brother Brad then offers to reveal the masturbation pictures unless Carolina helps get him off too! He further reasons that his real human cock is better than any plastic plaything. Carolina reluctantly agrees to a sisterly hand job. However, Brad soon desires a more taboo form of sex, full on intercourse with his sown sister! He then coaxes into sucking his throbbing veined cock. Carolina spits on the head as she performs fellatio not soon forgotten on her brother. Now that Brad is good and hard, Carolina turns over so that her can fuck her pink pussy from behind in doggy style position.

Carolina Sweets Orgasm

Moving more onto her side, Carolina goes on letting Brad work her juicy teen twat. After that she gets on her back so she can see him fuck her. Her stepbrother pounding her bare fuck hole is pretty fucking hot. This oh so wrong fucking leaves Carolina ready to cum at any time as Brad pushes her over the side. When he finally pulls out, he blows his hot load all over Carolina’s stomach. At the end, they concur that Brad can fuck Carolina whenever she needs to orgasm. Even though it’s totally wrong, she admits that her brother is much better than any vibrator. The Tight Pink Teens team ask the question; “Don’t you wish you had a Bratty Sis like Carolina Sweets?!” 😉

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