Moms Scout Leader!

Moms Scout Leader

Alex Coal, Adira Allure Moms Teach Sex

Younger Mommy Adira Allure has started dating an older man with a sexy young brunette daughter, Alex Coal. She also has a stepbrother, Kyle Mason. He’s the love child from one of her dad’s previous relationships. Today, Alex enters the living room to interrupt an inappropriate Family Reunion. Adira is wearing some slutty Moms Scout Leader lingerie and shaking her money maker. The lucky sexy dance recipient is Kyle, who is sitting on the couch dressed in a boy scout uniform. Alex is having none of this bad behavior. This Is Awkward! She removes her shirt to set the scene for her dad to walk in and find A Family Affair that will be impossible for them to explain.

Alex then makes it clear she’s in charge. She’s sick and tired of the pushy gold-digger being around. Now that Alex calls the shots, she directs Adira to sit in Kyle’s lap. Then for him to grab a handful and touch the big tits milf. Not surprisingly, Kyle pops a boner, and Alex calls him out. She insists he takes his cock out for them to see. The girls are impressed, but Alex isn’t about to get Distracted By Dick. She has Adira touch Kyle anywhere but his veiny cock. The dick is off-limits! Adira plays along for a bit but eventually finds her lips drawn to his thick manhood like a magnet.

Adira can’t keep playing any more of Alex’s Twisted Games, so she finally gives Kyle a milf blowjob. The more enthusiastic she gets, the wetter her milf pussy becomes. When she can’t wait another moment, she gets on her hands and knees and tells Kyle to fuck her. Alex tries to remain upset, but watching her stepbrother having fun while pounding her dad’s girlfriend is too much for her young teen pussy to handle. Masturbation is the answer as her hands start to wander southward. When Adira eventually notices, she offers Alex a deal. It will be Bad for Dad if he finds out, but she will make her cum, if Alex doesn’t tell on them! Alex accepts, and soon Adira plunges her tongue deep between Alex’s teen pussy lips.

Once Alex is nice and wet, she slides forward so Kyle can stretch her tight teen pussy to the limit. As Alex enjoys the first few strokes of her stepbrother’s dick, Adira plants her freshly fucked milf pussy above Alex’s mouth. Alex is committed to the Family Threesome now, so she enjoys tasting the mature pussy her father fucks regularly. When Kyle flips Alex over into doggy, Alex does her part, lapping away at Adira’s older honey hole. The girls exchange a passionate lesbian kiss and then swap spots once again. Now Kyle can fuck Adira as she lays on her back with her head cradled in Alex’s lap while she frantically rubs her clit.

Adira Allure, Alex Coal Moms Teach Sex

Moms Scout Leader - S16:E4

Mom Cums First, as she should, moaning loudly with orgasmic delight. The girls aren’t about to leave Kyle hanging. They kneel down and work together to lick the tip, suck his balls, and stroke the shaft. When Kyle blows his hot load, he covers Adira’s heaving chest in the Cum Tea she craves. The girls make out with the sticky stuff on their lips while Alex enjoys blowing cum bubbles. Then they hear Alex’s dad’s car pulling into the driveway, causing Adira Allure and Alex Coal to freak out.