Make You Cum!

Make You Cum

Kenzie Madison Princess Cum

When they visit their Aunt’s house, Kenzie Madison and her stepbrother Brad Sterling have to share a bunk bed room in Make You Cum. There’s lots of sexual tension between Kenzie and Brad, which freaks Brad out. He tries to express his concerns to his mom, Claudia Monet. However, Claudia explains to Brad that it’s perfectly normal for teen girls like Kenzie to be curious about sex. Surprisingly, she suggests that Brad show Kenzie his penis to normalize it for her. Kenzie gets an eyeful of dick, but Claudia won’t let Kenzie handle his impressive manhood.

Then Claudia leaves, telling the kids to get settled in and sleep. Brad takes the bottom bunk but can’t sleep a wink. He asks if Kenzie is awake, and when she doesn’t respond, so he pulls his boxers down and begins to masturbate. Kenzie coyly gives him a few seconds to stroke his cock before asking if she can help. Brad keeps beating his meat until Kenzie reveals her perky tits and hot ass while asking if this will help him cum. Eventually, Brad starts stroking again harder and faster as his Stepsis Makes Her Move!

Kenzie tries again to replace Brad’s hand with hers t make you cum, of course. This time, he lets her. Leaning in, she swallows his cock. Brad quickly realizes. Kenzie knows What A Man Wants. Even though Kenzie takes her sweet time sucking, Brad still doesn’t cum. She suggests it might happen faster if he fucks her tight teen pussy. She gets on her hands and knees and wastes no time burying his dick balls deep between her wet teen pussy lips. When doggy style doesn’t make him bust, Kenzie impales herself on Brad’s dick and rides him balls deep inside her hairy teen pussy.

Kenzie Madison Princess Cum

Make You Cum - S3:E7

Luckily for them, their bunk beds make their sexual acrobatics much easier! Brad intends to bring his Caring Stepsister to climax one last time as she lies on her back. He’s almost ready to nut, and as soon as Kenzie realizes Brad is on the edge, she wraps her arms and legs around him as he blows his load deep inside for a teen creampie. The noise of their sexual encounter alerts Claudia, who comes yelling at Brad for engaging in A Family Affair to make you cum!

Actors: Kenzie Madison