Step Sibling Prank War!

Step Sibling Prank War

Jasmine Riley Step Siblings Caught

Horny teen Jasmine Riley and her stepbrother Logan Long have a long-standing Step Sibling Prank War. It turns out that a mutual attraction fuels their mischief. Jasmine starts hitting Logan with a squirt gun. Logan escalates by putting itching powder in his stepsisters sheer panties. Jasmine runs to the shower to wash the powder from her tight teen pussy. Logan takes the opportunity to turn on the hot water to freeze her out.

Whipping out his dick to waggle it at Jasmine, Logan takes the opportunity to push it in when she bends over to grab her clothes. Jasmine realizes how good it feels and starts trusting her hips to meet each stroke. Her small boobs shake as Logan’s strokes get harder and deeper, leaving Jasmine moaning her excitement. When she puts one foot on the bed to change up the angle of penetration, she is quick to climax as Logan hits all the right spots.

Enamored by her new plaything, Jasmine turns around and starts sucking her stepbrother off. The blonde teen is great at keeping Logan nice and hard with her mouth. However, he’s not done banging her teenage pussy yet. Falling onto her back, Jasmine spreads her thighs so Logan can go to town on her slippery tight pink pussy once again. He keeps going as Jasmine moans in orgasmic delight, only pulling out to cover her boobs and belly in a shower of cum.

Jasmine Riley Step Siblings Caught

Step Sibling Prank War - S7:E2

Nubile blonde teen Jasmine is blessed with a pair of tiny tits with big nipples that are incredibly sensitive. She loves having her boobs played with since it always makes her young pussy nice and wet. Jasmine’s ready for her favorite toy or big cock. Unfortunately, she was only active for two years, between 2017-2018.  Luckily we could track down a couple of her teen sex performances, including a rare Jasmine Riley anal sex video!

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