Kara Faux is a Model Stepsister!

Kara Faux is a Model Stepsister!

Kara Faux is a hot little Latina spinner graces our presence during this muy caliente Tight Pink Teens update! Up cumming Director, Bambino is royally pissed then the hot young model he’s scheduled for a photo shoot bails on him. Being a quick thinker, he somehow convinces his stepsister who just happens to be the lovely Latina, Kara Faux to step in at the last moment. The only catch is that petite Kara has to model for her brother totally nude. Kaura warms up in her bra and thong, preparatory to disrobing down to her birthday suit. And what a hot fucking birthday suit it is!

It’s not long before Kara begins getting into it under the capable direction of Bambino. He instructs her to sit on the couch and then wants to see some of her pink teen pussy. Kaura Faux shyly obliges spreading her pink pussy for the world to see. There is only one problem, Bambino needs to see her teen pussy spread wide! He keeps one hand on the camera while his other spreads his sister’s tasty twat. Next, thing you know, Bambino has Kara turning around to mimic an on-screen orgasm.

The plot and Bambino’s dick are definitely thickening! Bambino proceeds to finger fuck Kara’s teen pink pussy for all its worth. Meanwhile, he decides his cock can’t be contained in his shorts any longer! Now, Bambino goes off-script as he self-lubes the head of his cock before placing the bulb at the entrance to Kaura Faux’s awaiting vagina. Bambino lies telling Kara it’s his thumb while shoving his fuck stick deeper and deeper inside his sisters tight taboo pussy. He thrusts his manhood inside from behind for several minutes before swapping positions to right old fashioned missionary style.

Kara Faux is a Model Stepsister… It’s a Wrap!

The taboo twosome then tries reverse cowgirl as Kara climbs up onto Bambino’s lap so she can ride his hard cock to orgasm. Their wild coupling winds down as Kaura Faux turns around facing Bambino just so he can see how much she appreciated his original models no show! Kara shows her final sisterly appreciation as she drops to her knees sucking her own teen pussy juices off Bambino’s fat cock. It’s only a matter of time before Kara savors a salty surprise Latin facial. It is clear to the Tight Pinks Teens team that our friend from Nubiles-Porn and Bratty Sis can do no wrong!

Actors: Kara Faux