Luck Of The Step Son!

Luck Of The Step Son

Lexi Lore, Sheena Ryder Moms Teach Sex

Juan Loco has the Luck Of The Step Son, having a super hot stepmom and sexy adopted sister. He sees sister Lexi Lore and mommy Sheena Ryder changing into their St. Patrick’s Day outfits for a party. After perving on both, Juan can’t help but pop some major wood. So he sits in the living room, claiming he wants to watch some television. Sheena wants to get going to the party and tells Juan to change. He eventually puts on his jacket, but when Sheena pulls Juan’s pants down to put the leprechaun pants on, she reveals his big boner.

Juan’s pants will not fit like that, so Sheena enters damage control mode. She is initially tempted to take matters into her own hands. Instead, she tells Lexi to take care of it. Lexi isn’t thrilled. Nonetheless, she lets Sheena guide her hand to start stroking. With Mommy calling the shots, Lexi drops to her knees and starts sucking Juan hard. That doesn’t work fast enough, so Lexi decides to Share With Mommy. Juan loves every moment. However, this isn’t making his boner go away. Now the girls try something even more hardcore.

Sheena urges Lexi down onto the couch to spread her legs and take Juan’s big dick. Watching Lexi get her young teen pussy pounded leaves Sheena even hornier. She hikes up her miniskirt and kneels for some doggy-style action as she eats Lexi out. Next, Lexi rides on Juan’s cock with Sheena behind her, pushing her toward orgasm. Sheena gets another go with Juan’s manhood as she lays on her back with legs in the air as Lexi’s tongue pleasures her big MILF tits.

Lexi Lore, Sheena Ryder Moms Teach Sex

Luck Of The Step Son - S12:E7

Banging his mature stepmom is just what Juan needs to Cum For Mommy. He pulls out and aims for Lexi’s lips and Sheena’s hairy pussy as he blows his hot load. The girls then passionately snowball the Cum At The End Of The Rainbow. Now that the fucking is over, they rush for their St Patty’s party. For more Sheena Ryder and Lexi Lore, check out the sexcapades at Bratty MILF and My Family Pies!