Step Sister Competition!

Step Sister Competition

Bratty Sis Chloe Temple wants her stepbrother, Jason, to take her to the fair instead of their adopted sister, Macy Meadows. The girls argue over which of them will get to be the one to go. Chloe thinks she has a step sister competition edge up on Macy because she brings Jason some fruit. However, Macy knows Jason is only interested in sex. She then returns in just her panties and a short shirt, offering to do a sexy striptease.

Chloe walks in on Macy before things get too far and insists that she can do it better. The sisterly competition heats up as the girls decide the best way to determine the winner is to give Jason a blowjob. Chloe wants to suck it first, leaning and start sucking. Macy isn’t far behind and soon gets her turn. Jason can’t seem to make up his mind after his double blowjob. Now, the girls decide to take even more proactive sex action.

Leaning back into Chloe, Macy hops onto Jason’s cock to ride him as Chloe masturbates and watches. Chloe gets to enjoy Jason’s dick between her thighs next when she rolls onto her back and takes him inside her tight teen pussy. After ensuring that Chloe’s having a good time, Macy plants her teenage pussy on her sister’s mouth. Riding Chloe’s face is a true treat for Macy, but so is getting on her hands and knees so she can be the middle of a step-sibling spit roast.

Bratty Sis Snowball

Step Sister Competition - S13:E12

Chloe Temple takes her turn in the middle next, feasting on Macy’s young pussy juices as Jay bangs her. He finally reaches the end, pulling out to spray a hot cum load on Chloe’s ass and lower back. Macy follows instructions to lick Chloe clean and snowball Jason’s cum with Chloe. After this taboo family sex act, he finally agrees to bring both girls to the fair.