Bratty Cousins Bang Best!

Bratty cousins Andi Rye and April Snow can’t even seem to get along long well enough to do some fucking yoga exercises together. As they bitch at each other over the yoga mat, April’s stepfather Damon Dice comes in to see what the fucking commotion is all about. Damon is judge and jury and takes Andi’s side in the argument. After April leaves totally pissed, he bends Andi over his knee and spanks her tight petite ass. The slapping feeling of Damon’s hand again her ass cheeks totally turns on Andi. The feeling is mutual as Damon cock quickly comes under the spell of Andi and April’s capable hands. Damon has won the pink teen pussy lottery and in no time at all is sharing his dick where he shouldn’t!

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Actors: Andi Rye / April Snow