Fooling Around With My Stepbrother!

Fooling Around With My Stepbrother

Fooling Around With My Step Brother - S12:E9

Kyler Quinn is much closer to her adopted tattooed bratty cousin Roxy Ryder than the average “normal” family. Case in point, the way the girls enjoy putting on lingerie, masturbating, and fooling around together. The sex-starved cousins have both got the hots for Roxy’s stepbrother, Nathan Bronson. They devise a plan to get in his pants, but they need help to make it happen. Now that they’ve masturbated to orgasm, both girls get dressed and go to find Nathan’s hot mom, Katie Monroe.

They enlist her assistance in what they assure Katie is merely an April Fool’s joke. Later, Katie pulls Nathan aside and tells him that it would be her dying wish to see him get together with his stepsister. Nathan is confused, but he says if it means that much t her he will do as asked. Next, Nathan goes into Roxy’s room to talk to her. Kyler excuses herself to give the two some space.

Kyler Quinn Roxy Ryder Threesome

Kyler Quinn and Roxy Ryder Threesome

Nathan then informs her what is going on. Roxy plays coy, but Kyler is there to make sure the sex deal gets sealed. It doesn’t take long before Kyler slides Roxy’s hand onto Nathan’s cock. When the girls find his dick and hard, they pop it out and give their stepbrother a double blowjob. Now, that Nathan is in the mood, Kyler leads the way as she slips out of her thong and miniskirt.

Kyler Quinn straddles Nathan so she can slide down on his fuck stick until he has filled her tight pink teen pussy to the hilt. Roxy has a front-row view of sizzling sight as her cousin fucks her stepbrother. Her dripping pink pussy demands dock and she wants in on the action. Roxy gets up there so she can ride Nathan in reverse cowgirl/doggy. Kyler once again finds herself in the middle of the fuckfest. She lays on her back with Nathan pounding between her legs and Roxy sitting on her face.

April Fools Fucking Finale

Fooling Around With My Stepbrother Cumshot

Roxy Ryder takes her turn in the middle as she feasts on Kyler’s freshly fucked muff while Nathan gives it to her doggy style. She flips onto her back and moans in orgasmic bliss as Nathan keeps on fucking. He’s ready to bust and pulls out quickly so that Kyler can aim his jizz at Roxy’s stomach. The Step Siblings Caught trio are basking in the afterglow but it doesn’t last for long. MILF Katie Monroe comes in and figures out the supposed fooling around prank she participated in was more like a taboo real deal!