Super Sunday With My Swap Family!

Super Sunday With My Swap Family

Aila Donovan, Lulu Chu Family Swap

In this Super Sunday With My Swap Family episode, it’s time for the Big Game. You know, the one we can’t say for fear of a lawsuit! Nonetheless, the Swap family has decided to watch the football game together. Lulu Chu and her hot swap mom, Aila Donovan, are cheering for one team. Meanwhile, Robby Echo and his swap dad Dick Chibbles are cheering for the opposing team. The girls are confident their team will win. So much so that they decide to bet on it. Lulu and Aila bet they’ll each flash their tits if their team loses.

Lulu goes a step further and offers up her Asian teen pussy as part of the football bet. No worries with this Super Sunday With My Swap Family, right? The girls are totally surprised when their team winds up losing the game. Lulu grows reluctant and doesn’t want to show tight teen pussy to her swap family. Dick is on his swap daughter’s side. On the other hand, Aila is used to getting daily sex from her regular family. She’s seriously missing the cock. Mommies Game Plan is to get more sexual and insist they keep up their end of the deal.

As she flashes those small milf tits, she discovers that Robby is nice and hard. Reaching over, she helps him out by giving him a much-needed handjob. It’s hard (pun intended) for Dick and Lulu to deny how fucking hot that is. Before long, Lulu finds herself sucking her swap daddy deep. It doesn’t take Aila long to go from handjob to blowjob with Robbie. All that’s left is to dive deep (literally) into taboo pleasure. Lulu and Aila each impale onto the family cock to enjoy simultaneous rides.

Aila Donovan, Lulu Chu Family Swap

Super Sunday With My Swap Family - S2:E5

They each start in cowgirl and then move to double reverse cowgirl. The boys swap partners as the girls get on their backs so that Dick can dive deep into Aila’s milf pussy as Robbie enjoys Lulu’s wet teenage pussy. On their hands and knees, the girls exchange lesbian tongue kisses as they take mutual doggy-style poundings. As the boys high-five, they each creampie deep inside their partner. After watching Super Sunday With My Swap Family, I will place my bet on Super Sunday With My Step Sis And Her Friend for next year’s Big Game!