Convincing My Princess Stepsister Winter Bell To Fuck!

Convincing My Princess Stepsister Winter Bell To Fuck

Convincing My Princess Step Sister To Fuck - S14:E6

Winter Bell is a blonde princess sister wannabe that has a crush on a boy from her school. Winter becomes frustrated when she can’t quite figure out how to get his attention and let him know she wants more. She decides to change into her princess outfit and snap a whole lot of inappropriate naughty selfies. When Winter’s done taking photos, she goes into the living room where she’s confronted by her stepbrother, Damon Dice.

Damon rips into Wintertime, informing her what a total bitch she is in general. In return, Winter responds by telling her stepbrother what an absolute asshole he is. Damon about it and decides that in this case he can actually be nice and help his desperate stepsister out. He offers to play the “older man” by posing with some photos with Winter. The plan is to make it appears that she’s got a sugar daddy to make her boy crush jealous.

Bratty Sis POV

Bratty Sis Winter Bell POV

While they take their photos of jealous deception, Winter Bell asks Damon to get behind her and acts like they are assuming a sexual position. Like any good stepbrother, Damon is more than willing to go along with his sister’s request. While he’s got her on her hands and knees he can’t help but give in to temptation. Damon waits until Winter is distracted, then turns up her miniskirt and sexy thong aside. Now, he can fuck his stepsister’s tight pink teen pussy.

Winter wants to know what the hell is happening, but Damon convinces her that if she really wants to interest other men, she better know how to fuck! This somehow makes sense to Winter who suddenly is eager to engage in consensual sibling sex. Damon continues his doggy-style onslaught of Winter’s barely legal teen pussy as he spanks her ass between strokes.

Winter then turns around so that she can take her brother’s cock in her mouth. Enjoying his stepsister’s surprising blowjob skills, Damon urges her to go further until she has deep throating his impressive cock. Next, he lays on his back and lets Winter Bell take charge of his manhood as she impales herself on his dick. Taking Damon deep in her shaved pink pussy, Winter throws her head bead back in taboo pleasure as she rocks her hips.

Winter Bell Covered with Cum

Bratty Sis Winter Bell

Winter then changes positions into a wonderful reverse cowgirl POV fuck. Damon then gets another chance at watching his horny stepsister working his cock from behind. He makes make sure Winter is able to cum one last time as she lays on her back for the final thrusts. It only takes a few more pussy pumps until Damon pulls out to splatter his load of baby batter covering Winter’s belly.

Confident and sexually satisfied, princess of lust Winter takes one last cum-covered selfie for her teen crush. Afterward, she revels in her just how fast she has honed her fucking skills. Winter Bell is one of those petite teen spinners that we want to see more of. If you are in agreement (and why the hell wouldn’t you be?), head on over to our friends from Nubiles-Porn. Then check out Winter’s creamy-filled family fucking sexcapades at My Family Pies!

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