Chloe Temple Plays Sister Nurse!

Chloe Temple Plays Sister Nurse

Chloe Temple and her BFF Kyler Quinn are dressed in medical scrubs as they chat concerning their future nursing test. Chloe thinks it would certainly be hot to get her sexy stepbrother, Jake Adams, to display his cock in the name of academics. Jake is reluctant, however the women ultimately coax him into pulling his trousers down. When Chloe Temple finally catches a sneak peek of her sibling’s dick, she can’t keep her hands off of it. Chloe then has BFF Kyler retrieve the hand (or in this case penis) sanitizer so she can sterilize Jake’s brotherly cock. She then scrubs his rod with both hands until his dick is standing at full attention!

The sight of Jake’s fully engorged boner freaks out Kyler Quinn. She then departs the room leaving the taboo brother and sister foreplay to continue. Left alone with her sibling, Chloe keeps on rubbing Jake’s hard shaft. After that Chloe Temple jumps onto the bed and invites Jake to place his male anatomy inside her tight pink teen pussy! Jake then begins to seriously consider fucking his own sister, especially now that his cock is ready and his sister scrubs are down to her knees. He accepts the doggy style invitation in the name of helping Chloe Temple’s on her nursing exam.

Chloe Temple Bratty Sis Blowjob Finale

Jake pounds away from behind with a quick break so he can ease Chloe of her bra. Next, Chloe Temple climbs onto Jake’s manhood to delivers a once in a lifetime cowgirl ride inside her teen pussy. The movement of Chloe’s hips is continuous, and will not stop until her pink pussy cums in total climax. Then she drops onto her knees while Jake awaits his turn at medical release. Chloe sets the oral pace that will leave thank her stepbrother for his male anatomy assistance. Chloe Temple proves she is a worthy Bratty Sis and gives Jake an aggressive blowjob that will have him cumming in her mouth and on her face!

Actors: Chloe Temple