My Little Stepsister!

My Little Stepsister

My Little Stepsister - S22:E6

Bratty Sis Molly Little walks in on her stepbrother, Tony, counting the dollars he made today. She can see that it’s a lot! Tony tells her that he’s hoping to move out soon. Molly turns the conversation to how good Tony looks lately, making him suspicious that she’s only complimenting him to get some of that cash. Tony’s suspicion is correct. My little stepsister Molly storms out as soon as she realizes she’s not getting anything from him.

Later, Tony walks in on Molly in his bedroom. She claims she’s looking for a charger but eventually admits she took some of his cash. Tony tells Molly he will tell their parents, but Molly has another idea. She tells him she needs the cash, so maybe there’s something he wants more than money. After all, Molly has seen the way Tony looks at her. Peeling off her shorts to show her thong and then tugs her top down to display her small teenage tits.

Molly assures Tony that their parents and his girlfriend will never know. She isn’t wrong about Tony’s attraction to her, which is evident by how he reverently touches her body right down to her big pussy lips. He’s also nice and hard. Molly then reaches out to take his cock in hand and starts a blowjob with plenty of ball sucking. Molly is just getting started now that she’s experienced the nice cock Tony has to offer her.

Bratty Sis Molly Little

Bratty Sis Molly Little

She peels off her shirt and then climbs on top of Tony’s dick to deliver a tight teen pussy ride. Turning around to bounce that booty, Molly sets a fast pace showing her twerking skills. Molly spreads her petite figure wide open on her back to welcome Tony’s cock balls deep inside. Then she gets on her hands and knees and wiggles her ass as Tony gives it to her doggy style. Molly finishes their taboo fuckfest by going to town with another blowjob that brings her stepbrother to a creamy climax. Taking it all into her mouth, Molly plays with her cum treat as Tony tells her that she’s earned some money the hard way!

Actors: Molly Little