Doing Step Bro Together!

Doing Step Bro Together

Lacy Lennon, Mackenzie Moss Step Siblings Caught

Mackenzie Moss and her BFF, Lacy Lennon, do everything together. Everything! Brad Sterling, Mackenzie’s stepbrother, has wondered how far down the sapphic hole Lacy and Mackenzie have gone. At the same time, he has the total hots for Lacy. Mackenzie notices Brad checking Lacy out beneath the miniskirt of her school uniform. She calls him on it but doesn’t pursue his Doing Step Bro Together fantasy because the girls decide they need to go shower together.

Brad can’t believe what they might possibly do together, so he decides to spy on them. Boy does Brad ever get an eyeful as he watches Mackenzie and Lacy undress each other. Lacy notices Brad and rats him out, but she can’t hide that she returns Brad’s interest. Mackenzie is weirded out, but Lacy points out that they do everything together. If Brad wants to look at Lacy, he has to look at Mackenzie.

Mackenzie tries to dissuade Lacy by telling her that Brad has a small dick, but that makes Lacy want to see it. Brad claims his cock isn’t small and then whips it out to prove his point. Once Lacy sees how big Brad’s dick is, she taunts him while Mackenzie tries to make him go away. The stalemate keeps up until Brad takes Lacy up on her offer and shoves it in her tight pink pussy.

Mackenzie pretends she’s indifferent, but watching Lacy fuck her stepbro is hot. Mackenzie lets Lacy talk her into allowing Lacy to eat her out while Brad fucks him. Eventually, stepsis Mackenzie is too curious about Brad to resist any longer. Lacy is with Mackenzie as Mackenzie scoots forward and lets Brad stick it in her teenage pussy as well.

Lacy Lennon & Mackenzie Moss Step Siblings Caught

Doing Step Bro Together - S12:E1

Once she gets started, Mackenzie is eager to see it through as she and Lacy take turns riding Brad’s dick. Finally satisfied, the girls work together to deliver a tag team blowjob and handle that ends as Brad provides a big shot of cum for the girls to lick clean. If you liked watching Doing Step Bro Together, be sure and check out Lacy Lennon and Mackenzie Moss at My Family Pies and Princess Cum!