December 2020 Flavor Of The Month Hime Marie!

December 2020 Flavor Of The Month Hime Marie

Hime Marie Step Siblings Caught

December 2020 Flavor Of The Month Hime Marie loves her big stepbrother Kyle Mason very much. However, as Hime grows older, she starts to love him differently. Kyle and Hime have a bit of a conversation about how her exams are going, leading to Kyle asking if Hime has been naughty or nice this year. Hime claims she’s been nice but thinks she deserves to be on The Naughty List! Kyle is intentionally evasive about what his little sis is getting at and tells her he will take a nap.

Too bad Hime isn’t going to be put off so quickly. After changing into a sexy BDSM devil elf outfit, Hime corners Kyle in his bedroom and instructs him to take the leash. He tries to decline, but Hime refuses to take no for an answer. She swears she’ll leave Kyle alone if he lets her pet his dick but wants more. Hime then goes back on her promise. Instead, she insists that Kyle let her suck his cock.

When she finally gets her way, Hime lets Kyle know she intends to fuck him. Kyle tells her Sitting On Santas Lap in that way is going too far. But Hime doesn’t care and plants her tiny teen pussy in his face. That’s more than Kyle can bear. If his little sis wants a hot teen pussy pounding, she will get to Poke A Tree With A Dick In It! Grabbing Hime by the leash to hold her in place, Kyle gets her on her knees to ram her cute teen pussy from behind. Rolling his sis onto her back, Kyle dives back in.

Hime Marie Step Siblings Caught

December 2020 Flavor Of The Month Hime Marie - S1:E4

Then Kyle curls up behind her to spoon her perfect teen pussy. When Hime finally achieves orgasm, it’s time for her big brother to cum. She gets on her knees and sucks him off until he rewards her hard work. He blasts her with a mouthful of Dick Under The Tree cum-flavored eggnog. For more of #CuteLilSubmissive Hime Marie and her beautiful teen pussy, check her out at Bratty Sis, My Family Pies, and PetiteHDPorn!

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