Stepsister Olivia Lua Fucks And Sucks!

Stepsister Olivia Lua Fucks And Sucks

Step Sister Fucks And Sucks - S4:E9

Olivia Lua (RIP) and her stepbrother Brad Knight are racing to see who can get to the shower first. So they each strip out of their clothes as quickly as they can. By the time Brad has taken off his clothes, Olivia is already naked and wet. He pervs on his stepsister’s pierced nipples and her bare wet pink teen pussy. He lingers, enjoying the view as Olivia suds herself down.

When Olivia bends over to get the soap, Brad makes decides it’s time to get better acquainted with his stepsibling. He slides his cock into her slippery wet pink pussy from behind. It doesn’t take long for Olivia to decide she likes taboo family sex. She then props her leg up to offer Brad much easier access so that he can pump long and slow as her tits jiggle in the warm water.

Brad’s long schlong does the trick as he works Olivia to orgasm. After she cums, Olivia leaves the shower and him hanging with blue balls. When he challenges her later, she declares that he really did not do anything for her sexually. Brad is none too happy about this step sis diss, and proudly states that he can make he can indeed make his stepsister cum if they have sex again.

Step Siblings Caught Facial

Olivia Lua Step Siblings Caught Facial

Though Olivia attempts to hide her arousal Brad ultimately gets her to confess just how much fun she’s having fucking him. The combination of taboo teen pussy is all the hardcore XXX action she requires to cum again. As soon as Brad has made Olivia orgasm once again, she finally repays him by sucking him off. Olivia provides an appreciative blowjob until Brad provides her a sticky facial. Editors note: Sadly, Olivia Lua died on January 19, 2018, at the Klean addiction treatment center in West Hollywood, California.

Actors: Olivia Lua