Cupids Arrow!

Cupids Arrow

Chloe Temple Princess Cum

Chloe Temple enjoys getting dressed up each year to celebrate the various holidays. However, Valentine’s Day has always been her favorite. The horny blonde decides this year to slut it up with some sexy red lingerie, complete with sheer thigh-high stockings. She goes as far as making a bow and arrow, just like Cupid. When Ricky Spanish, Chloe’s stepbrother, walks past her doorway, Chloe calls him in and gives him an eyeful of her sexy teen body. It won’t be long before she gets penetrated deep by Cupids Arrow and more!

She convinces Ricky to let her shoot her Cupids arrow at him. After a bit more coaxing, Chloe gets Ricky to pull his cock out so she has something to aim at. Of course, Chloe “accidentally on purpose” misses her mark and loses her Cupids arrow under the bed. That’s okay, though. This mishit allows her to lean over the side of the bed and make sure Ricky gets a good look at her smoking hot body.

When Ricky joins Chloe on the bed, she wastes no time strutting her ass to get his attention. Ricky takes the opportunity to pull Chloe’s panties aside to Just Stick It In. Since that’s what Chloe was hoping for all along, she wants Ricky to keep going while grabbing the wings of her costume to fuck her teen pussy. Now that Chloe has Ricky where she wants him, she pushes him onto his back so she can suck his freshly fucked cock.

Chloe Temple Princess Cum

Cupids Arrow - S5:E6

When Ricky’s shaft is nice and slick with Chloe’s spit, she impales her hot teen pussy and starts riding him hard. She winds up on her back as Ricky pistons between her raised legs. When he attempts to pull out, Chloe begs him to nut inside her. Ricky does just that, giving his stepsis the creampie she’s wanted the entire time. Hopefully, he will receive a Stepsisters Valentines Day Free Use Gift card next year!