Cassidy Klein: “Facial 500!”

Cassidy Klein: “Facial 500!”

In this Nubiles-Porn film entitled; “Tiny Spinner,” Cassidy Klein is feeling mischievous in her automobile and reveals her perky little tits while behind the wheel. She then shifts into second gear as she slide her hand down her pants to Masturbate her pink teen pussy to ensure proper lubrication for the entire race. Next, Cassidy leans over to draw her lovers pants down to unwrap his throbbing member before taking it eagerly into her mouth. Her petite frame makes it fairly simple for this redhead to navigate inside the interior much to her lovers delight. Luckily, they soon arrive at their scheduled “Pit Stop” so they can really shift into high fucking gear!

They take their horny interlude inside for even more space to function and it’s “Green Flag Racing” from this point on!  Cassidy strips nude and proceeds to offer a much welcomed blowjob, making certain that her lover is good and hard before pounding her pink pussy into oblivion. After a couple of minutes (make that laps) of passionate fucking, Cassidy’s juicy twat requires fucking in multiple positions as they shift through the gears of sexual pleasure! She climbs onto her hands and knees and offers her jacked up lavish butt to be taken NASCAR style (so they can both watch the race) for the duration of dick to pussy action.

When Cassidy’s teen pussy has had enough, she goes down to her knees to excitedly cover her lips around her lovers ready to red-line penis. It then becomes evident to the staff at Tight Pink Teens that if Cassidy ever entered the “Bobbing for Apples” event at the State Fair, she would have no competition. She proves our point by bobbing her head to and fro until her lover simply cannot hang on any longer. Cassidy then takes the “White Flag,” welcoming a load of cum to lubricate her sweaty race worn face allowing it to cover her mouth and nose as the “Checkered Flag” drops on this “Facial 500!” 😉

Actors: Cassidy Klein

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