Home For Dessert!

Home For Dessert

Jay Romero has brought Naturally Busty Octavia Red Home For Dessert after a romantic lunch. Deep down, Octavia knows precisely what’s about to happen next. She barely lets Jay enter the door before she takes pussy control, pushing him against the wall and kissing him passionately. Lifting one knee to pin Jay into place with her body, Octavia clarifies that she is ready to party. In no time at all, Octavia drops her sexy light blue sun dress on the foyer floor.

With her newfound nakedness, Jay fills his hands and mouth with Octavia’s big naturals as he worships her ample bosom. When they reach the kitchen island, Octavia climbs onto the countertop so that Jay can taste the best dessert of all. Hot teen pussy! Not to be left out of the oral fun, Octavia sinks from the island to her knees, taking Jay’s throbbing cock in her hand. Bringing the shaft forward, Octavia takes her first lick of Jay’s fuck stick.

After her initial taste, she deep throating the lengthy dick. Leaning back, she delivers a titty fuck that most men can only dream of in their masturbation fantasies.  Now that the tender foreplay is over, the young couple takes things to the bedroom for a more hardcore approach. Jay wraps his hands around Octavia’s big tits again, sucking and pulling on her nipples hard as she prepares to split her pink teen pussy lips with his thick cock. Soon the horny teens will be Fucking Like Rabbits. After a cowgirl romp, Octavia gets onto the bed, doggy-style.

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Home For Dessert - S18:E1

From there, the pace picks up for this passionate couple. Octavia sucks her wet teen pussy juices from Jay’s hard-on and gets on her side for some spooning sex. Jay reenters her from behind, sliding balls-deep while holding her left leg high. He then rolls Octavia onto her back and pounds her until her head falls back in orgasmic bliss. Still on her back, Octavia Red pushes her big boobs together. Jay enjoys yet another titty fuck while the hot redhead teen strokes him home. Dropping his hot load between Octavia’s natural breasts, he finally delivers on his promise of bringing her home for dessert. A creamy cum-filled treat!