Emma Hix is My Princess Sister!

Emma Hix is My Princess Sister

Bratty Sis

Emma Hix steps into the living room and demands the TV remote. Dava Foxx and stepson Tyler Nixon are cooling in the living room. The siblings have a disagreement while Dava does her best to disregard them. However, when Emma calls on her mom to get in the middle, Dava informs Tyler that Emma is a princess. Tyler is hot that Dava chose Emma’s side and steams out of the living room. Emma is now free to enjoy the tv but recognizes that her mom’s bitchy attitude is rubbing off on her. She then decides to try to find Tyler to say sorry for fighting.

The stepsiblings reconcile and decide to hug. That’s when all hell breaks loose as does Tyler’s throbbing cock! Emma feels just how hard Tyler’s dick is. They may be great between the siblings again, but Dava is pissed that Tyler hasn’t cut the grass as promised. He decides to seek shelter in Emma’s room as he hides from his MILFY mom. Soon he’s under the covers as just in time leaves Emma and Tyler in a pre-“dick”-ament as Dava continues to try and find her lazy son Tyler.

Slipping below the covers, Emma asserts she’s tied and needs a nap, trying to hold her calmness and not give up Tyler’s whereabouts. Suddenly Tyler is spooning Emma and slides his dick deep into his stepsisters perfectly positioned tight pink teen pussy. When Dava leaves, Tyler has the chance to pull out but that ain’t gonna happen! Emma’s sweet pink pussy feels too great with his penis inside of her! She rolls onto her back so he can have a far better angle of fucking. After that sweet sister, Emma gets on her hands and also knees so they can go at it doggy style.

Bratty Sis Emma Hix Throated

Emma Hix

Emma jumps onto Tyler’s prick and starts riding him, doing her finest to hold the moans and groan of fucking her own brother! Plus, there is no way Dava Foxx would ever understand what’s occurring. Tyler proves to be an excellent fucker, seeing to it that Bratty Sis Emma Hix enjoys numerous orgasms before he allows himself to cum. The moment of truth has arrived as Emma hops off the cock and commences to throat fuck Tyler until she strokes him off right into her open mouth. They’re just enjoying the afterglow of their taboo twosome when Dava returns to find Tyler’s fresh cum dripping from Emma’s lips.

Actors: Dava Foxx / Emma Hix