What Happened With My Stepmom On Halloween!

What Happened With My Stepmom On Halloween

Natalie Knight, Kit Mercer Moms Teach Sex

You won’t believe What Happened With My Stepmom On Halloween! MILF Kit Mercer married and moved her adopted daughter, Natalie Knight, and her new stepson, Ricky Spanish. She had no idea the two kids would get along so well. Too well! Kit has long suspected something is up sexually between Natalie and Ricky. However, when she confronts Natalie, her daughter denies everything. Later, Natalie tells Ricky they must quit their fucking around because her mom is on to them.

The family takes time to wear their Halloween XXX costumes, which is when things get interesting. Dressed as a fuckable fairy, Kit knows Masturbation Is Wrong but lets her hands rub her needy clit. She then shoves her fingers into her mature pussy, but it still doesn’t satisfy the Cock Hungry Stepmom. When Ricky comes across Kit in the living room and thinks it’s his stepsis, he doesn’t ask before grabbing her fuckable ass. Spreading the cheeks, Ricky slides in balls deep, but it is not a tight teen pussy.

It’s Kit, but she doesn’t tell Ricky to stop. Or that there’s a mix-up since she thinks it’s her hubby fucking from behind. When she realizes it’s Ricky, it feels too good to fucking stop. It’s all good until Kit is Caught With Her Pants Down getting fucked.  It will be extremely Bad For Dad if he finds out. She doesn’t want that, so she pulls Natalie in for a Family Threesome. Together, mom and daughter deliver a tag team blowjob that gets Ricky even harder. Then Ricky finally gets to wet his cock in Natalie’s teenage pussy as Natalie enjoys Moms Tough Love.

Kit Mercer, Natalie Knight Moms Teach Sex

What Happened With My Stepmom On Halloween - S14:E1

Kit takes a ride on Ricky’s glistening shaft as Natalie licks and sucks the big tit milf. Eventually, Natalie lays down and lets Ricky bring her orgasm while Kit rides her tongue. The unexpected Family Reunion finishes their taboo threesome as Ricky pulls out of Natalie while Kit jerks him off all over Natalie’s hairy teen pussy. The girls sample Ricky’s jizz, then share one last cum swapping kiss as they agree to make it A Family Affair from now on. Remember What Happened With My Stepmom On Halloween stays between the three of them! 😉