Moms Revenge!

Moms Revenge

Emily Willis, Mona Wales Moms Teach Sex

Trent Tyler and his hot wife Mona Wales. They have brought foreign exchange student Emily Willis into their house, but Mona walks in on Trent banging the new girl. Mona doesn’t just get mad. She plans on getting even with some moms revenge. She finds Trent’s son and pulls out her boobs that are tipped with her big, hard nipples. Codey Steele is confused at first, but once Mona explains the situation Codey is willing to be seduced.

Mona eventually gets her wish, earning the privilege of sucking Codey off and mounting him with her juicy, Top Rated MILFs pussy. At his stepmom’s insistence, Codey fucks her until he fills her with a pink porn creampie of cum. Trent has left on a business trip a few days later, and Mona dresses in sexy lingerie to facetime a striptease for him. However, her Muffin Buffin is interrupted by Emily, who tries to retreat to protect Mona’s privacy.

Mona calls Emily back and hangs up on Trent to tell Emily that she knows about her banging her husband. When Emily claims she’s more into girls, Mona sees an opportunity to continue her moms revenge. Emily is straightforward in her lesbian seduction. Soon the girls are on the bed with Mona’s face buried in Emily’s teenage pussy. When the girls switch positions, Codey gets an eyeful and finds that he can’t look away!

Moms Teach Sex Threesome Facial

Moms Revenge - S9:E3

Mona Wales catches her stepson spying and invites him to join in on the fun. The ensuing threesome soothes everyone’s hurt feelings as Codey gets a taste of the exchange student and another goes with his stepmom. Working together, the two girls dominate Codey’s cock until they’ve sucked him to the point of no return. Laying side by side by side with Mona, Emily watches as her host mom takes a creamy facial of her stepson’s jizz. Shooing the kids out, Mona calls her husband back. With Codey’s hot cum still on her face to complete her moms revenge!