Dad Leaves: Moms Teach Sex!

Dad Leaves: Moms Teach Sex!

Tysen Rich is enjoying a family breakfast with her handsome boyfriend, male porn star Tyler Nixon. Super MILF Stepmom India Summer is also at the breakfast table and is not only hungry, she is HORNY! Quicly, this morning meal turns sexual as India lets her hands wander all over Tysen’s petite tits and pink teen pussy! This Tight Pink Teens taboo niche update comes courtesy of Nubiles-Porn Network and we call it Dad Leaves: Moms Teach Sex!

When daddy leaves the room to attend his cell phone, India Summer resumes her teen pussy attack to the joy of both Tysen and Tyler! Before you know it, India and Tysen Rich are locking lips and Tyler is stroking his paid for fuck cock. India uses her fingers to fondle Tysen’s pink pussy underneath her bikini initially as Tysen tweaks her own nipples. India speeds up the tempo and works Tysen’s hard clit at a frenetic, yet welcome pace.

MILF India Summer then casts her trademark vixen eyes toward Tyler and he knows it’s only a matter of time before his throbbing cock gets to join in for some Threesome action. India then leads Tysen Rich over to Tyler who is still stroking his rock hard cock for all it is worth. The short walk around the table then finds both women on their knees awaiting Tyler’s cock in their combined mouths.

Stud Tyler must remove his shirt before any cock sucking begins and they both keep him hard until he is naked. Once totally nude, India spits just a little lube on the knob of Tyler’s cock preparatory to Tysen Rich downing the shaft. India Summer proves to be a great coach as she encourages this oral action between Tyler and Tysen. While the trio enjoys the cock sucking session, they desire way more to satisfy their sexual hunger.

Moms Teach Sex Mid-Term

The scene then segues into Tysen getting plowed missionary position while India strokes her clit with master female porn star precision. India enjoys the front row view and encourages Tyler to fuck Tysen Rich deeper as the air fills with the scent of teen pussy. Top Rated MILF India Summer is pleased to see exactly how deep Tysen Rich can take Tyler’s cock! She rewards Tysen’s teen pussy by finger fucking her simultaneously with Tyler’s cock still thrusting inside. WOW!

Young Tyler can barely keep up as he and India give Tysen Rich multiple orgasms. In fact, Tyen’s teen pussy gets so tight it forces Tyler’s cock out mid-orgasm! The threesome gets even hotter as India climbs on top of Tysen’s face for some good old fashioned MILF Pussy eating. Tysen laps at India Summer’s pussy while continuing to take Tyler’s cock. Once India’s pussy is nice and wet, she flips over doggy style on top of Tysen and makes herself available immediately for cock!

Tyler happily makes good use of the MILF and teen pussy combo pounding away from behind. Tysen Rich does her best to kiss India’s lips and tits as her threesome MILF counterpart gets fucked hard from behind. The girls writhe with satisfaction as Tyler withdraws his rod and shoves it promptly back into Tysen’s teen pussy. Things get even hotter (if that’s posible) as we get another look at India Summer. We cant get enough of her trademark Moms Teach Sex “fuck me” look!

Moms Teach Sex Final

Tyler obliges and plunges his wet fuck stick back where it belongs. Deep inside India’s Moms Teach Sex legendary MILF Pussy! Near exhausted Tyler pumps away as he grabs India’s perfect ass for support. The trio exudes sexual chemistry like there is no tomorrow and have worked themselves into a cum frenzy. Tysen kisses, lick and bites India best she can under in between earth shattering orgasm. With that said, Tyler Nixon is only human and needs to unload his seed ASAP!

Poor Tyler pulls out with India Summer still controlling his cock in her hand. Stroking Tyler’s cock for the final time, his two breakfast buddies take a perfectly timed facial. Tyler unleashes a nice amount of sticky stuff all over India Summer and Tysen Rich’s awaiting faces. We don’t know about you but, it’s difficult to find any better studio out there than Nubiles Film and their vast array of all teen niche sex. Case in point, Dad Leaves: Moms Teach Sex!