Bunny Colby’s Redneck Party!

Bunny Colby’s Redneck Party

Redneck Party - S11:E7

Bratty Sis Bunny Colby and her horny stepbrother Logan Long have experienced a lot of sexual tension between them for quite some time. It all comes to a head when Bunny decides to wear a slutty outfit to a redneck party. Logan lets Bunny have it for the way she is dressed. Their argument escalates as they start to hurl insults between each other’s private parts such as Logan has a small cock and that Bunny has a not-so-tight pink teen pussy.

Of course, there is only one way to figure out who is telling the truth, right? Before long, Bunny finds herself with her hand wrapped around Logan’s dick, while her stepbrother fingers Bunny’s wet pink pussy. It turns out that they like feeling each other up instead of step-sibling fighting.  Now, they’re both interested in taking things further sexually. Bunny wants to prove her pussy is still nice and tight while Logan wants to prove she can’t handle his manhood.

Bunny bends over the couch and invites Logan inside from behind for a doggy style pounding. His impressive cock is a perfect fit as Bunny’s tight teen pussy grips him nicely. Then Logan sits down as Bunny rides his dick like a redneck party bucking bronco. She fucks with such vigor that her tits flop all over the place. Moving to her back with one leg propped on Logan’s shoulder, Bunny enjoys the view as her stepbrother pummels her hairy honey hole.

Bratty Sis Hoedown

Bratty Sis Bunny Colby

The steps-siblings prove they’re a great fit sexually, as Bratty Sis Bunny proves by enjoying multiple orgasms. Finally, it’s Logan’s turn to cum. Bunny gets on her knees and opens her mouth wide as Logan prepares to launch his load. After he has finished cumming all over his stepsister’s ample bosom, Logan reminds Bunny Colby that they have a redneck party to attend!

Actors: Bunny Colby