Stepbrother Crashes Stepsister Pajama Party!

Stepbrother Crashes Stepsister Pajama Party

Step Brother Crashes Sisters Pajama Party - S5:E1

Alana Summers is invited over to her BFF Elsa Jean‘ for a slumber party. They share some teen girly talk, and afterward, Alana decides to model her sexy bra and panties for Elsa. It doesn’t take long before they’re snapping pictures to send to their horny friends. While they are enjoying their naughty behavior, Elsa’s stepbrother Alex D. can’t help but perv on the stepsister pajama party from afar.

Things really get interesting when Alana discovers Elsa’s impressive stockpile of sex toys. It’s only a matter of time before they agree it would be cool for them to stick some dildos to the mirror and fuck them! The girls take turns recording the other impaling their teen twats onto the fake dicks. Alana even shows Elsa some new tricks while Alex decides their no better time to start jerking off himself.

Then, in his masturbatory excitement, he bangs the door and gives himself away. Since the gig is up, Alex walks right into the bedroom and swipes Alana’s phone. To get it back, Alana agrees to suck Alex’s cock and even volunteers Elsa to fuck her own stepbrother. Quickly Alex realizes every man’s fantasy with both Alana and Elsa taking turns covering their lips around his rock-hard shaft.

Alana goes first up until Elsa warms up to the suggestion. Then she enjoys the view as her friend deepthroats her stepbrother like a pro. Things really ick up sexually as Elsa climbs on the bed so Alana can lick her tight pink teen pussy while she prepares it for Alex to plunge deep inside. Does it get any better than fucking during a stepsister pajama party?

Step Siblings Caught Snowball

Alana Summers, Elsa Jean cumswapping

Alex’s huge cock is just what Elsa Jean needs for her to prepare her teen pussy to fuck all the boys she’s been crushing on. Elsa is a quick learner and quickly gives body to the taboo sex act. Next, her stepbrother lays on the bed so that Elsa can practice her dick-riding technique on his fuckstick. Elsa excitedly takes him up on the offer while Alana watches and masturbates her wet pink pussy.

Getting up on her hands and knees, Elsa cries out in orgasmic bliss Alex pounds her from behind doggy style. This episode of Step Siblings Caught cums to a close as Alex D. pulls out in the nick of time to shoot a hot load of jizz down Elsa’s back. Like any good friend, Alana Summers licks it up and cum swap kisses with Elsa Jean. If the sight of this stepsister pajama party snowball (aka Cum Swapping) doesn’t make you bust a nut, check your pulse and dial 911!