Jericha Jem Blows For Clothes!

Jericha Jem Blows For Clothes

Bad Teens Punished

Jericha Jem is beginning to feel that her stepdad Marcus London has the hots for her. However, she’s not aware of just how much he wants to fuck her tight pink teen pussy! When he snoops her trying out her garments in her room, he takes out his hard cock and begins to masturbate while he checks out her petite teen body. Little does Marcus know but, Jericha sees him fapping away. Jerichica sees this as the perfect opportunity to ask him for his credit card as she desperately needs some new clothes. Yeah, right!

However, daddy Marcus says no. When he rejects her, Jericha takes matters into her own hands and steals it. She then proceeds to go on a shopping spree, returning to the house with her newly purchased apparel. Furthermore, she gets caught trying to return the charge card. Marcus is big on discipline and offers Jericha a spanking to make up for his disobedience. This “punishment” simply increases Jericha’s level of horniness. She then takes matters into her own hands (literally) dropping to her knees and begins sucking her stepfather’s impressive cock. Equally impressive are Jericha’s blowjob skills!

While Jericha manipulates her ever so soft lips over her stepdad’s cock, she slowly takes her clothes off. Once she’s naked, Jericha gets on her hands and knees so Marcus can hide his face in her pink pussy. While still bent over, Marcus is satisfied her teen pussy is wet enough to be properly fucked doggy style. Jericha moans in pleasure as Marcus shoves his dick right into her tight teen pussy. Jericha then turns onto her back to massage her clitoris while her father continues to punish her pink pussy. Once she has frigged her clit to multiple orgasms, Jericha hops on top of pops cock and uses his shaft as her own sexual pogo stick!

Jericha Jem Priceless Pussy

Jericha Jem Blows For Clothes

Jericha is a pro at reverse cowgirl as Marcus pumps her teen twat for dear life trying not to blow his wad. The taboo twosome’s sexual passion builds to a crescendo as Marcus spoons behind Jericha. Now would be the perfect opportunity to go anal balls deep but, alas it isn’t meant to be. This Bad Teens Punished episode ends with Marcus nearly giving Jericha Jem a creampie as he pulls out just in time. Jericha reaches back and yanks his already spewing cock to full release over her freshly fucked pussy. In closing, the Tight Pink Teens™ team money is on Jericha if she ever asks to borrow the credit card again! 😉

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