Good Little Bunny!

Good Little Bunny

Bratty Sis Emma Starletto

Bratty Sis Emma Starletto is a Good Little Bunny and totally into the Easter spirit. She even wanders around her house dressed as the Easter bunny. When Emma reaches the living room, she finds a note from her mom to let the kids know that she has set up an Easter egg hunt with a pink egg that has some serious cash inside. Emma instantly gets to work, searching everywhere for the elusive pink egg.

Little does she know that her stepbrother Kyle Mason is watching her search and liking what he sees as her skirt hikes up her ass. Eventually, Emma notices Kyle and calls him out for perving on her. He tells her that she’s wasting her time because he already found the money egg. Emma is hard up for cash, so she offers to do whatever it takes for Kyle to give her money.

He doesn’t want her to do his chores or anything like that. However, he could use a hand job. Emma is grossed out, but she wants that cash, so soon she finds herself with her brother’s dick in her hands. He is quick to double down on the situation by requesting a blow job for the cash. Then Kyle lets Emma know that she will have to fuck him if she wants the money. Desperate, his stepsister hops onto the couch on her hands and knees to let him deep inside her young pussy.

Bratty Sis Emma Starletto

Good Little Bunny - S9:E5

Emma didn’t expect to like her stepbrother’s dick inside her so much. This makes it even easier to ride his fuck stick as she continues to earn her egg cash. Kyle does Emma the brotherly favor of making sure she cums before pulling out to jizz all over her belly. Once he’s finished, he lets Bratty Sis Emma know he hasn’t really found the Easter egg. Much to her dismay. For more about Good Little Bunny, Emma Starletto check her pink porn pussy getting railed at Family Swap, My Family Pies, and Princess Cum!

Actors: Emma Starletto