Kasey Warner and Marina Angel Rock Nubiles-Casting!

Kasey Warner and Marina Angel Rock Nubiles-Casting!

Kasey Warner is being auditoned by the sultry Latina sensation, Marina Angel to see if she has what it takes to be a Nubiles-Casting model. After some obligatory small talk, it doesn’t take Marina long to convince Kasey to take off her clothes. Kasey Warner makes quick work of removing her already revealing top so the camera and teen porn lovers everywhere can appreciate her perky boobs. Soon Kasey’s black skirt and panties hit the floor placing her one step closer to porn stardom. Marina begins filming the interview as we see the first peek of Kaseys bush sheltered pink teen pussy!

Soon the meeting develops into a full-on seduction of Kasey Warner with Marina functioning as the more than qualified seductress. Fast Forward to the Good Parts as we see a fully erect penis part Kasey Warner’s pink pussy folds. Next, we see what just might be the award winning sex position of the year scene. The view of this “hot as balls” threesome shows us what group sex is truly all about! The only thing we regret is that we don’t see enough of Kasey Warner as she munches Marina’s dripping snatch while riding her face. After the aformentioned oral neglect, Marina helps place Kasey’s cock for hire into her pink pussy reverse cowgirl position.

Fans of POV (point of view) fucking will be rewarded with some of the best camerawork we have seen all year. There are a few content producers who truly know how to shoot teen porn. And Our friends at Nubiles-Porn and sister site Nubiles-Casting almost always leads the fuck pack. The Tight Pink Teens team is still licking their lips from the “so close you can taste it” camera angles as Kacey takes cock balls deep. Marina adds to the action with some well-timed ball licking and clit nibbles. Marina Angel then goes to work on Kasey with her hand and rubs the sensitive female bud for all its worth. While appreciative, Kacey Warner simply can’t take it any longer and takes matters into her own hands. Literally!

Kasey Warner Passes the Nubiles-Casting Test

The scene comes to an end as we “bare witness” to another potential award-winning sex scene. Only this time, Kasey Warner rides Marina Angel’s face while the latter gets her pink pussy fucked deep and hard while in the lower missionary style position. Kacey is more than happy to return the clit rubbing favor and she vigorously attacks Marina’s “man in the boat!” After a few minutes of this, it is impossible for even the most seasoned pornstars are going to blow a load. Well, it’s no surprise as Kasey stops rubbing just in time to help her co-star achieve a much-needed release via a mound covering cumshot. Suffice it to say, Kasey Warner passed her Nubiles-Casting audition with flying fucking colors!